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The Shopaholic Mum

Hi, my name is Jeena and i am a shopaholic Mumma 😣.

I can confess i love to shop, but i only get bargins.. so does that even count? 

If theres anythink Steve would hate to see its shopping bags and bankstatements!

He loves to shop too, but his taste IS EXPENSIVE.. so i think i do deserve some credit πŸ˜‚.

I see social media memes on mothers overspending on children or going to buy something for themselves but coming out with all these kiddie outfits, and i can certainly relate to them. ITS ADDICTIVE I TELL YAH! Steven just DOESNT UNDERSTAND πŸ˜‚. 

There are only a few places where i will shop..

My weaknesses:

  • Kmart – where most my money goes every pay on kids clothes, nicknacks, homeware and gym clothes. YOU CAN GET EVRYTHING AT KMART!
  • The Warehouse  – where in go if its cheaper than Kmart πŸ˜‚ another place you can get everything from. Bargins galore! “Where everyone gets a Bargin”
  • Farmers– the home of the RED DOT SALE. They have a sale nearly every week, even in the beauty department 😍
  • Postie plus – my favourite place to get kids clothes – and they too have the best sales! 
  • Dressmart  – i could spend so much time in here hunting around for bargins.

            Im guilty of looking at something and thinking “uuu yes Haalia needs that”.. but what mother isn’t. 

            Bottomline is– i have an obsession! An obsession where we will go to an event or something, Haalia has to wear a new oufit. And if our funds won’t let me buy her a new outfit then i will look for something super cheap but looks super cute and get that 😣😣😣. Even if its just an accessory.

            I can tell you this obsession started way before i had Haalia. It started while i was the party girl, never wanting to wear the same thing- even then i was on a tight budget but still managed to make it happen πŸ˜‚. 

            To sum this up here are my best bargin tips: feel free to add yours to the comments 😊

            1. Sign up for updates to your email address from your favourite stores- then you are in the loop for promotions and sales.
            2. Screensave items you like and see if you can get them cheaper elsewhere. 
            3. Always compare prices using online shopping websites before you buy something- I ALWAYS KICK MYSELF IF I GET SOMETHING AND LATER ON SEE IT ELSEWHERE CHEAPER! 
            4. Always ask yourself ‘do you really need this now?’-a tip i will no keep in mind πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚ 

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