Lunch box stories

Mother  Earth fruit and vege sticks

We have entered the stage of hiding veges in food, grating carrots with mince and mashing peas. 
Haalia won’t eat ANY veges visible on her plate! 

Its so weird because my mother said i absolutely loved vegetables, and still do. But forcing a three year old- well thats just a novel on its own. 

I’ve finally found something she enjoys and has sneaky veges in them..

MOTHER NATURES VEGE STICKS 🙊🙌 They even have fruit sticks for lunch box snacks. These are so great to have, Haalia will eat one a day and get part of her Vege intake for the day…THANK GOD

You can find these beautys in your nearest supermarket. 

I can guarantee, Vege Sticks will be apart of our ever day life now!! 


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