Mummy Life

The perfect mum

When i was pregnant… after the shock and being indenial, i built hopes and dreams about being the PERFECT mum and having a PERFECT child. I mean if you think about it, you have 9 months of just thinking, planning and hoping for the best.

There was going to be limited tv time, no fastfood, lots of water, no sugar and a well disciplined child.  

Well…… that all went to custard once Miss H began to communicate. 

Is there an actual PERFECT Parent thats mastered all of this? 
Im 100% guilty of using disney channel and Kids YouTube for a bit of quiet time, and i can admit its usually for more than half an hour or so 🙈. Like HOW GOOD IS AN IPAD FOR A BABYSITTER – seriously, the silence is bliss 🤗.

And then there’s those days where i just can’t be bothered cooking so Takeaways are the lifesavers! We all know fastfood joints are not good for you but when you have a fussy eater its sometimes a nice break knowing your child will eat everything in sight. Then the spoiling family members who love to give your child whatever they want arrrggggggggghhhhh. 😣😣😣 Soft drinks are the worst- i vowed myself to NEVER introduce these monsters into my childs life. But of course her sneaky sidekicks had that covered. 

Then there’s the child who throws the tantrums, NO! bombs and screams as loud as she can. I would have preferred not to use the word NO! everyday repeatedly, but thats life now! 

So it turns out im a BAD MUM, but what does it take to be a good mum? Or even a perfect mum?

Just as long as she’s loved and knows her boundaries we should be fine 😊 i think mummy needs to know her boundaries too. 

Haalia being 3 now is just crazy, crazy in a way where i ask myself every now and then… WHERE DID ALL THAT TIME GO? 

Her personality is blossoming as much as she is and shes at the point where she loves to test new boundries.  I have my work cut out for me with this girl, but i wouldn’t have it any other way! 

Being the perfect mother is too much work to keep up with. Sanity is more important than stressing over being perfect, even if it does means using an Ipad as a babysitter for a few mins or so! 

Im not a Perfect mum, nor am i a Bad mum… im just That Mum 😉


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