Santa photo

The time has come where we force our beautiful children to sit on Santas lap for photos and annual christmas keepsakes.

Past 2 Christmases our miss H has had TEARful experiences. Photos were adorable though 😍😍

2014 – 10 month Haalia

2015 – 20 month Haalia

Aren’t they the cutest 😍😍 i know its mean but i just LOVE her crying Santa photos hehe! 

This year… it all changed….argghhhh this means my little baby is growing up 😣.

With a little pep talk from daddy..

We have….

2016 – 2 year old Haalia 

All smiles and thumbs from our girl!πŸ–’πŸŽ…

She’s at that age where she knows whats going on. She knows about Santa, Christmas parties and presents eeeek. This year is so exciting for us all, especially now that Haalia knows a little more about Christmas. I love watching her excitement! 


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