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My Cupcake Hack

This one has taken a while to post!.. been so busy, busy, busy… 


So we threw Miss H a mini party at Chipmunks, great thing about that is they do all the cleaning and cooking. TYJ!

This meant i had some time on my hands to do my own favours. (Didnt like their favour bags for the kids so i opted to do my own). I decided to do cupcake favours for her party. 

I pretty much Trolls themed her birthday week. So i had to think of something quick that tied around Trolls (within 2 days 😣).

Luckily i found these awesome rainbow cupcake ideas on pinterest: are they not the coolest cuppies??

see pin here

Super cute and to the theme ‘Cupcakes and Rainbows’.

Because you should already know by now im all about time hacking, i came up with a hack for my Cupcakes too πŸ€—. And plus I’m not quite the cupcake maker… 

So heres how i did it:

Gilmours had a special on their cake slabs, i originally wanted to get the brownie slab but the cake slab won me over with it’s special! (Budget priorities πŸ˜‚!).. 

So i grabbed the cake slab, some circle cookie cutters, rainbow stripe candy, white marshmellows and some ingredients for blue buttercream icing.

The Gilmours cake slab had chocolate icing already and was nice and moist! 

I used a medium cookie cutter and made about 16-18 small round cupcakes… easy peasy 😊 and way faster than baking your own batch! (Theres my time hacking skills)

Now to decorate them 😣😣 which is the thing i need more time with!

I whipped up some buttercream icing with three drops of blue food colouring and tah-dah theres my sky. Using a piping bag i spread it over the chocolate icing. (I had to use a snaplock bag because my cheap piping bag bursted) 😣 Improvising skills πŸ€—. 

Then i chopped up some white marshmellows to make  fluffy clouds. These are placed on each side of the cupcakes.

And lastly my rainbow, which is where my rainbow stripe candy comes into play. These are arched over the cupcake with each end touching the marshmellows. 

Of course i made extra to taste test πŸ€— they were PREFECT! 

Each cupcake was placed in a polka-dot purple cupcake box 😍

And there you have it, my Birthday Favour Cupcake hack. Less stress, fun and creative!

My Quick Tip:

  • Brownie slab is recommended, the cake slab was DELISH but was too soft.

      Im going to have to try this again with my brownie recipe πŸ˜‰. 


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