DIY Troll Popsicle Puzzles

Remember my blog from last year about the No Candy Favours?? Well i was so inspired i decided to look at activities i could do for Haalia’s favours to share with her class mates. 

With the help of my GO TO APP PINTEREST, i found this neat little DIY Popsicle Puzzles. 

Click here to see pin. 

 If you follow me on IG and Snapchat you would know Haalia’s favourite thing at the moment is TROLLS. She’s totally obsessed! So i decided to do Troll popsicle puzzles for each of her friends at school. 

All you need is:

A printer

Coloured popsicle sticks

Glue stick



** you can also draw an object on the popsicle sticks or use magazine cut outs.

There are 33 kids in Haalia’s class so i had to make 33 sets of popsicle sticks…ekkkk 

  1. I got thick coloured popsicle sticks from my local dollar and mor store for $2.50 a pack.
  2. I printed out five different Troll pictures from google images. 
  3. Fit pictures on the popsicle sticks using 5-4 sticks for each picture. Using the pencil rule out lines lightly where you would cut and fit on each popsicle.
  4. Cut pictures and stick on to popsicle stick with glue stick. 
  5. I numbered popsicle sticks at the back just to help out a bit.

And there you have it… Troll Popsicle puzzel sticks. A great idea for toddlers to keep them busy. 

With our little toddler activity we thought it was only fair to share a small bag of snack M&Ms with out Troll popsicle sticks. 

I also found adorable Troll thank you template notes from pinterest too.

This all came up to $17.50. Yaaaay mummy- Still WINNING 🤗🙌 

Happy Child, Happy Mum 😁



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