New Years Challenge – Eating Game

So i have been keeping up with the Self Magazine workout calendar for their #NewYearChallenge 

Coming to Day 8 Steven has agreed to do Day 6&7s workout with me because day 8 is rest day 😊 We’re both meaning to start this healthy lifestyle but holiday mode is still around and HANGING AROUND!

We’re off on a 10 day holiday next week and i was hoping to be atleast 5kgs lighter! Arrrrghhhhhh

My exercise game is strong but i CAN NOT say the same for my Eating game. Especially on the weekends.. 

So to help me i think the important thing for me to do is:

Meal prep – i have never been the type to meal prep but in order for me to focus on not over eating is to atleast prep lunch and dinners for the week.

  • Purchasing a chalk board or white board for the kitchen. Noting down a week in advance what your meals will be for that week will be like setting it in stone! This aalso gives you time to pull out things the night before so there wont be any excuses.

 Freeze food for the week – I have never done this ever but i did win a competition with D’vine banquets who provide sets of meal prep that you can freeze either for lunch or dinner.

I won a weeks worth of dinner meal prepped food which was 👌👌👌 great portions and yummy!

  • Purchasing containers that are easy to Freeze food.
  • Buying food preparing a weeks worth and freezing it and pulling ut out when needed. 

 Family orientated recipes – Finding recipes that will satisfy your family and your meal plans will help you, its easy when your family isn’t eating what you are eating. 
I will action these points in the next couple of weeks! 



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