Day 1 NYs Challenge 

To help kick start my healthy lifestyle i took up the Self Magazine 4 week Challenge. 

Starts 2nd January 2017.

Im obsessed with the Self Magazine instagram posts and articles! 

They focus on SELF (yourSELF), becoming a more happier and healthier you.. just what i need to crack down my resolutions.

Healthy food articles with advice from dieticians and nutritionists. There’s even beauty articles with beautician advice too.

The New Years Challenge comes with:

  • A work out calender 
  • A meal plan
  • Emails of reminders and tips 
  • And lots of encouragement 

I have chosen to just follow the workout calendar as i have already set myself up with and eating plan. 

Here is Day One on the workout calendar:

Power moves- strength workout

Working out is always better with buddies so i buddied up with my mum this morning at the gym.

We started off with a 10 minute warm up on the Eclipse machine then worked through the Workout Day 1 calendar.

Personally i HATE lunges! My legs a fairly weaker then what they were like in my early 20’s 😣😣

Today i feel satisfied with my workout and the beginning of my healthy lifestyle 🤗

To check out articles from SELF magazine click here.

Its never too late to join the New Years Challenge so while you’re surfing their site sign up and lets kick ass together 😉.


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