Mummy Life

NYE mummy style

NYE haven’t quite been the same since i was pregnant with miss H.

BC DAYS (Before Child)

It was all fun and parties. No care in the world and not a plan in sight. I was just taking life day by day. 

I can tell you now 4 years ago and beyond, you would not see me at home past 10pm! 

Hitting the town, or enjoying drunk company with my best friends.. Rerurning home the next morning latest 9am 😫 i seriously dont know how we did it back then! Its a struggle being up past 1pm now.

It all changed 2013, heavily pregnant and waddling. NYE was up Mt Albert summit with my mum and my bestie waiting for the skytower countdown.. with grapejuice cheese n crackers 🎉

Now that she’s here i can’t even leave her side during the festive season! Even though she falls asleep before the NY countdown. Its just nice to have her close so we can farewell the present year and see the New Year in together 👪

 NYE 2014 ❤

This was around 10pm and her, her older sister and her dad fell asleep during the countdown 😂

NYE 2015

She almost made it but fell asleep around 11pm – p.s THIS IS WHAT I’D USUALLY LOOK LIKE AFTE NYE BC days 😂

And heres us this year NYE 2016 

Life sure has changed for me but i wouldn’t change any second of it! 

The party days have faded but hold memories and mummy life has taken over my life chapters.


Cheers – just a few to ride out and farewell 2016.. Bring On 2017 


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