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I am Moana 

So we finally watched Moana yesterday -After being released in cinemas on 26th December.

With such a big hype for the pacific disney princess’s debut we were TOTALLY EXCITED

Not a lot of people know about polynesians, i mean there was even an episode where the Kardashian sisters were asking what Polynesians were 😣😣 (if you know me you’d know im a KUWTK fan). Its just so weird, there’s so many polynesian boys and girls repping in international sports, we have THE ROCK aka Dwyane Johnson ripping up the movie theatres and tv screens and lets not forget our talented singers and artists. So this makes it so much more exciting for us polynesians, getting our culture out there.

With Moana still packing up cinemas still we managed to catch the 1pm session yesterday at New Lynns Reading cinemas.

Here’s a short summary:

Moana the chief’s daughter and heir of Motunui, is on a quest to find the Demi-god  Maui to return the green stone he stole from the goddess Te Fiti, her heart. Maui had stolen the heart of Te Fiti to gift the humans, but little did he know it would only hurt them. 

She is accompanied by her pet chicken, Heihei and guided by the Sea and her Grandmother Tala. They come across Tamatoa to retrieve Mauis magic hook, a huge coconut crab. They also encounter the lava monster Te Ka who attacks Maui and Moana on their quest to Te Fiti.

It’s all about way finding and Moana finding out who she is and what her purpose is.


The critics and praises

There were a few critics about Moana, which of course was to be expected. I found an article that critics and praises Moana that i really liked here. 

It gives an oversight on the plots and story behind Maui and the cultural truths behind the movie.

After watching Moana i was touched and proud of who i am. I am Jeena Leata Faamausili, from the Pacific Island of Samoan but born in New Zealand/Aotearoa. 

I thought the Disney movie was great, no matter what the critics say! Its great to show my daughter, there is a polynesian disney princess and those are the stories of our culture perspectives. Yes the movie doesn’t go into detail of Maui’s history or of our people, but remember this is a Disney movie for the entertainment of our children. I can only imagine how LONG the movie would take if everything was to be in detail. 

It was also a bonus hearing familiar voices! New Zealand talent on a Disney film…arrrggghhhhh how awesome! Rachael House, Oscar Kightley, Temuera Morrison and Jamaine Clement wow!!!!! And then we have my samoan uncle (i kid 😂) Dwyane Johnson who i mentioned earlier who plays Maui ekkkk!

 Miss H loved Moana! She has already memorised the songs and phrases from the disney movie. I love how Moana speaks to her about IDENTITY and the representation of all the islands in the pacific! I must admit i was teary eyed during the movie because i was just SO PROUD, so proud to see a Disney movie made about our culture and sharing that moment with my own little poly princess was just the icing on the top! 

We also loved the soundtrack! We have saved the soundtrack on spotify already 😊 so dont forget save it to your playlist!!

See the trailer here. 🌺 

Thinking of going to see it again 😊


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