Birthday on a budget

This year has been super tight for our little family! So many things happening, savings going in and out there’s just no balance. If there’s one thing i know how to do..its BUDGET lol!

Today is Steves birthday…

I wanted to do something nice for him this year. I had to think of something in budget but fun!

Ideally i wanted to send a birthday cake to his work from Haalia and I. My favourite delivery cake shop Send A Chocolate Cake in Mt Eden they have the BEST Cakes!! but then i thought- nooo, we want cake too!! (greeeedy hehe). Then  i thought about flowers, chocs, gift packs- seem a bit corny, especially for Steve lol.

So then i thought a great experience would be perfect! Searching  through  Grabone i managed to choose the perfect activity we could do together for both my bank balance and him 😂. This Sunday we’re going Jet boating! Wahooo.. shhh, don’t tell him though, he has No Idea!

*Sunday* – Posts will be up on Instagram and Snapchat of our little adventure.

Today we settled for something low key, in the budget and intimate. Dinner and cake for our birthday boy. Because i am one of those mums that suck with time management i kind of cheated with daddy’s birthday cake. *they really need a shh emoji zz*

Birthday Menu

  • Homemade Burgers and Chunky chips

    • Devils Chocolate cake (with mummy’s twist) and French Vanilla Ice Cream

      See Recipes Category for my Yummy Homemade burger recipe and my trick for an Easy Choc cake ..

      All this came to:

      • Grabone Experience – Jet boat tour $50 (includes Photos)
      • Birthday dinner groceries – $55

      Im Just that mum that loves to budget 😉




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