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Baby coffee date 

Its a mission finding venues that are child-friendly, with Miss H being an energetic tot and still in here terrible two tantys stage. I just need somewhere that will entertain my little terror without me yelling NO or STOP. When dining out you also want a nice selection of food for the kiddies that they are familiar with or enjoy. Lets not forget your needs too!

Scoping locally i managed to find some really good child friendly cafes.

Heres my top ones: tap on the titles to view cafe websites.


Originally the old Library of Onehunga, constructed in 1911-1912 its beautiful original architectural design draws in attention.

They offer a KIDS EAT FREE special on weekends which attracts mummys and daddys 👌👌

During our visit staff were very friendly and welcoming. Miss H got her very own A3 kiddy menu with little activities that included local onehunga spots and colouring-in pictures. This came with a cup of colouring pencils that kept her entertained for our whole visit.With an awesome Kids Menu their selection for children was hard to choose from. Miss H opted for the banana pancakes that she soon demolished!

The Library Cafe is currently closed for restructuring.


Overall the staff had perfect customer service skills. They had a great selection of All day breakfast and light lunches. Kids Menu also had a good selection with great activities. Haalia managed to entertain herself throughout our whole stay with the activities

This cafe gets 4 stars from me 😊


The Lodge Cafe

Located in Mt Albert near the train station this cute little cafe has been hiding from me. I’ve lived in Mt Albert for about 3 years and haven’t noticed it till scrolling through my handy dandy Entertainment book.

With a warm welcoming we were shown to our table. The atmosphere was nice and calm. Miss H was a tad bit grumpy but was soon happy with our waitress offering her a cup of crayons and a paper.

With an appealing kids menu, Haalia chose her favorite Cheeseburger and fries. I managed to enjoy a brief moment of my own brekkie before she started wondering around the cafe.


Great atmosphere, staff were super friendly! Very child-friendly, staff were acknowledging Haalia and smiling. Menu had decent priced meals and the served the BEST CHAI LATTE 😋

Four stars from me


Triniti of Silver Cafe

Also a Mt Albert cafe situated on the corner of Carrington road and Great North road Triniti of Silver is a licensed cafe that serves breakfast, lunch and coffee.

With recent changes to their menu they have a lot more dishes to choose from since i last dined here.

With a kids activity sheet menu Haalia was entertained soon as we were seated. She ordered the pancakes. So into her pencils and activity sheet she hardly ate. Both mummy and daddy were able to have a decent brekkie before she started up her little fits.


Over all this cafe was very friendly and welcoming. Our waitress was very attentive making sure we were enjoying our meal. Haalia was entertained and the atmosphere was nice and calm.

Four Stars



Literally just up the road, this cute little cafe appeared in our lives a year or so ago.

After hours the outside space is used by Chinoiseri (nextdoor).

If your keen on switching up your normal brekkie option their famous ‘The Nest’ is the go to!

So colourful and edible this delicious Nest hits every spot. With vegetarian based dishes this cafe is always busy! They even got an article in Viva too!

see viva article here

Haalia also LOVES this place, we walk past it after daycare and she already has a fave from the baked cabinet..  Their famous Jam Cronut! DELISH! Theres also a toy box with her name on it everytime we go there with her favorite barbie doll waiting for her.


Because its so convenient for us we go a few times. The staff there are awesome and the service is great. Its abit price but the coffee is cheap! Their large coffee is about $5 . Haalia is absolutely entertained when we come here, especially if we dine outside or near the window. Their coffee lets me down sometimes but their cabinet of baked goods makes up for it 🖒

Three stars from me


All these lovely cafes are our locals we enjoy!! its nice to have a little break from cooking 😊

Try them out and let me know how you go!


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