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The Shopkins Craze

Miss H has been obsessing over these Shopkin figurines this whole year and shes not even 5 yet 😫! Ever since her dad introduced them to her, shes been fussing over them!

So what are these Shopkins?

Shopkins are collective (addictive) tiny rubber toys that have cute little faces with sassy names. They’re based on grocery store items each with different editions to collect. Made by Moose Toys in Melbourne these tiny cute figurines are about to blow your purses! They have a big range of characters, books, games, youtube series and tv series. And they are made for both boys and girls!

Haalias obsession

It all started off with Steven buying her a little pack below

She started role playing with herself, making different voices for each character and developing more words and pronunciations. Listening to her role plays suprised us, she used words we didnt even know she knew.. Thats when i realised these babies are exactly what she needs.

Then Mcdonalds introduced Shopkins as happy meal toys, which of course drove us to Mcdonalds more (arrrgh definitely not what our waistlines needed, but hey its for our daughter 😉😂).

Now our house is full of Shopkins!

Present hack

Not only are they great for play activity but they could save your bank accounts for Birthdays, Christmas and suprise gifts. They come in different sets and sizes and prices start from $4.99 .

Once your child has built their little Shopkins empire presents are a BREEEEZE! Helping them collect and add to their little empire will bring peace and harmony 😂. I use these for good behavior or toileting chart gifts! Works a treat  for Haalia, esp now that we’re toilet learning.

You’ll actually be suprised at how involved you become with building up their Shopkins empire.

Whats so hot about these Shopkins?

Each pack comes with a shopping list of all the collectables. SUPER  COOL! The lists show you which Shopkins are rare, ultra rare, common, limited edition and special edition. They are also categorised – SPORTS, GARDEN, MUSIC, HOMEWARES, BAKERY, SWEET TREATS, CHARMS, TECH and LIMITED EDITION. Now thats definitely better than any of my shopping lists!

The shopping list allows you to tick off the figurines as you collect them.

You can also collect shopping bags, trolleys, baskets and backpacks that come with the little figurines.

We have so many little Shopkins around us. (most of them are in Haalia’s little hiding spots😥). I managed to grab a few from Haalias collection..

These are Haalia recommend! 👌👌 and just like the ad for Shopkins say..

“Once you shop….you can’t stop”


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