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History visit to Alberton 

Market day at the Alberton house!

First off lets start with a quick history lesson:

The Alberton house, once the middle section of a 500 acre country estate was owned by Allan Kerr-Taylor in the 1800’s. He and his 2nd wife had 10 children..WOW! This led to building up the Alberton house and upgrading it to an 18 bedroom mansion – dont we all wish we could have 10 children in a 18 bedroom mansion.

In the 19th century the Alberton house was said to be known as the party house for the community and Aucklands elite. Tea parties, archery and tennis were a few of many activitys to take part there.

After the death of Allan, his wife Sofia and 3 of their daughters held the forte untill 1972 when they left the house to the public leaving the Alberton house furnished with their furniture of that period and many other original treasures of the Kerr-Taylor family .

This makes it such a great place to visit! From the history and stories behind it to the treasures they left behind!

For a more detailed history lesson check out:



Our little experience

This was our first visit to Alberton, Steve, Miss H and I. A market was held there with the lambs of Mount Albert Grammer farm and the Alberton house was open for viewing at a discounted rate.

The architecture was amazing! We managed to have a look through the Alberton house with a brief history story from one of the staff members. With Miss H always trying to lead us back outside to the animals, we managed to look through all the rooms!

I could have spent hours looking though rooms examining every little item and reading every little story, but as you know with a little child dying to get back to the animals we had to make it brief 😑.

The market itself was awesome! They had food stalls, vegies and fruits and delicious food! We sat and listened to the live entertainment (that was AWESOME by the way) as we appreciated the land that was once the center of a 500 acre estate many years ago. (So im talking from alberton all the way through to Auckland Zoo 😮😮).

Details to visiting the Alberton house:

10.30am-4.30pm Wednesday-Sunday


$10 for adults with every child accompanied free. Unaccompanied children are $3.50 ea

visit the Alberton house here

This place is perfect for sharing  a day out with the family,  taking in a bit of history and going back into time. They say The Alberton house is one of Aucklands haunted places, but researching on my trusted friend GOOGLE the ghosts that live there are happy ghosts, suits it well with all the social events that Alberton has held 😊

If you’re in the area pop in for a visit! Or wait for one of the Sunday Markets that happen every second Sunday. You can also host parties here just like back in the days!

Im going to be THAT MUM that loves to take the family out for history lessons hehe! ✌


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