Head Lice aka Creepy Crawleys 

My worst nightmare has come to haunt me… i never thought this day would ever come! My little princess has come home scratching scratching scratching…

We have now entered the Lice factor… my poor little princess has Lice! Annoying little creatures have taken over my babys scalp! My first thought was “why now, why today and why us?”. Miss H is only 2 years old! I mean i only remember my mother saying i got them in primary school not Day-Care or Preschool.. but i guess they could have come at annnytime and it was bound to happen at some stage right? So lets start with the basics:

What are lice?

Head lice also known as nits, kutus or utus are little insects spread through head contact. They feed on small amounts of blood taken from the human scalp. This can irritate and annoy human beings and cause scratching or tingling feelings. Imagine how my poor little H is feeling arrrgh!!!

Ok so what Treatments can i use?

There is a number of treatments available over the counter  in your local chemists, some with chemicals and others oil based without chemicals. There are also home remedies i have googled with essential oils,vinegar, conditioner and olive oil.

Personally i didn’t  want to use chemicals on miss H’s she only two 🙁 and her hair is so thin and fine! And the smell of the products are SUPER STRONG! but with my Lice whisperer mother who has maybe delt with this numerous of times, has suggested i go to a chemist and ask them to recommend a product for these little pests! and so i did as i was told and came home with this..


From Unichem- most popular choice of over the counter treatments.

The process

Shake the bottle well before use.Thoroughly wet hair over basin. Apply shampoo to wet hair, paying special attention to the back of the neck and areas behind the ears.Massage into the scalp, then wait 3 minutes.Rinse thoroughly with fresh water.Repeat shampoo application and massage whole scalp thoroughly.Wait 3 minutes.Rinse well until water runs clear.Comb through wet hair with a special lice/nit removing comb, to remove dead lice or their eggs from the hair.Repeat the treatment in 7-10 days to kill any newly hatched lice.

Always read the label and use only as directed.
If side effects develop or you have an allergic reaction, stop and see your doctor or pharmacist immediately.

My process…errrrrrhhh

Didn’t go as Manufacturer Instructions stated, with my mum holding H down to me applying the solution. We could only do one round!! arrrgh!!! toddler challenges – there needs to be an easier way!!!! The combing process wasn’t a breeze either, wriggling, crying and tantrums. On a happier note we did tackle down majority of the nit farm! Not all dead but we did mange to kill them manually. I THINK TOMORROWS PROCESS WILL DEFINITELY HAVE TO BE A CONDITIONER ONE! Stay tuned for tomorrows mission! We will take down these pests!! you can count on that!

this is definitely TBC.

Tell me your Lice stories! what did you use? How was the process?


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